Christine Smith is one of those people that artistic ability seems to be a natural gift and not acquired talent. Growing up in a rural area of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, she was surrounded by breath taking landscapes, a multitude of wild life and a ever changing array of sun rises and sun sets. One can only wonder how these naturally occurring surroundings influenced her not to follow a career in some other field but to devote so much time and effort to become such a talented artist and art instructor. One has only to spend a few minutes talking to her to realize that she sees the world through an artist eyes. The ability to see beauty in a long abandoned truck or a weather beaten barn that other people might call an eye sore. Then to take that image and be able to transform it into a thing of beauty on canvas with little or no effort is simply amazing. Add to that ability her ability to teach novice painters and experienced painters at the same time and have everyone leave her class with something to be proud of is simply amazing.

One only has to look at her accomplishments over the past eighteen years to find the answers to how she accomplishes her goals. She has continually strived to get other people interested in painting and to see the beauty nature has to offer here in the Shenandoah Valley. This has led to a sizable following of student painters and has gained her a considerable amount of recognition in the state of Virginia both in the artist community and with the general public. Christine now travels widely across the state teaching classes and has little time to devote to her own painting.

In the last few years she has become more environmentally conscious by abandoning the use of harsh solvent based oil paints and brush cleaners in favor of non toxic water soluble oil paints. By doing this she has eliminated the dangerous fumes and the toxic waste created when using the other type of solvents. However doing this did not come without a price though, it required her to experiment and develop a new style of painting to achieve the same looks in her paintings that the older paints created. After perfecting the new method of painting she went on to teaching it in her painting classes.

Christine's teaching method is somewhat unique too.  Not only do the students get to watch her demonstrate how to paint but they also get one-on-one critiquing to help them gain a better understanding of composition, depth perception, light value and effects all while learning how to finish their painting in one session. One would have to believe that she gets the energy to accomplish so much in so little time from her love of painting and the desire to open her students eyes to the beauty that nature has to offer if only you take the time to look and enjoy it.

In conclusion, we would like to invite you to check out this web site and leave some feedback. You might even want to consider taking a class or two and discovering the enjoyment of painting. Not to mention that when the class is over you will have a beautiful painting to hang in that special spot in your home to enjoy every day. So feel free to browse the web site as long as you want and feel free to make suggestions on how to prove this web site in the future.